The Andre The Giant EP

"I'm just the way God made me. My parents didn't know I'd be this big" - Andre The Giant

All songs written by Harry Harris. 

Produced by Harry Harris and Chemikal Recipe. 

Art direction and Design by Gavin Day.

Released October 2017.

Order the accompanying limited edition chapbook, with 52 original brush illustrations, via the shop, or bandcamp








Songs About Other People (2015) // Harry Harris (2012)


Instrumental music for podcasts and short films. Need music for your project? Get in touch

The School For Dumb Women Podcast

The brief here was a jaunty, up-tempo theme that would work as a soundtrack, and also sitcom-style interludes, as well as a separate theme for the podcast's "Women Who Code" section. 

For the former I tried to make a hybrid of the Arrested Development theme and Seinfeld theme, with funk bass, horns, mandolins and shuffling cajons, and a catchy hook. The latter is an absurd attempt at vocal manipulation and glitchy, synth noises, that is by far the dumbest thing I've ever done. 

All samples used are from the Converse Rubber Tracks Sample Library


A Man You Don't Meet Every Day

My brother Jack Harris and I perform the music for, and briefly appear in, this short dark-comedy from Joel Blackledge. 

The two songs Joel had us work off were The Wild Rover and A Man You Don't Meet Every Day. I used the melody of the latter to write a theme that is returned to throughout.  

Past Tense Podcast

For the first season of this history podcast about the British Civil War, my stimulus was folk marches, and specifically, Seth Lakeman's 'The Riflemen of War'. 

I've used live mandolin and guitar, and sampled percussion, to create the driving march theme, and put a delayed vocal on top to give add urgency and drama. 

"We approached Harry with a brief that was vague, not being musical ourselves at all. However, with no more than us handing over a song, the dreaded "not this but like this" and the summary of our podcast, he gave us a finished file that was exactly what we were after. When you've not got much at your disposal, or that long in terms of time, to establish the tone of your podcast, a strong theme is essential and Harry delivered just that. He is also plain lovely to work with." - Emily Benita, Feasibly Productions